California Green Rush, by Daniel Pastre, author, Justice and Closure

My upcoming novel, California Green Rush, is coming together. Writing a novel is a long process involving considerable research. The main character in the book lives and works in Pismo Beach. So, I’ve just spent ten days there getting a feel of the city and connecting with the beach culture. Walking the same streets that the lead character does and taking in the surroundings with all my senses opened my creativity to paint the sights, sounds, and smells on the pages, Also, meeting and talking with the locals was essential in making the book as realistic as possible. As a plus, it was fun to catch a few waves!

The story then moves to Nevada County which is also my home.The undercurrent of California Green Rush deals with the marijuana legislation involving local, state, and federal laws. I gathered relevant information by meeting with local, state, and federal officers. The book is not intended to be pro or against the current legislation. It is strictly a work of fiction.

Another character in the book was raised in Jamaica during the 1970’s. Having vacationed there twice before was very helpful. However, it was necessary to conduct in-depth research regarding the political climate, culture, and demographics of 1970 Jamaica.

It is still too early to estimate a release date. At this point, I hope to have the manuscript ready for editing in approximately ten to twelve months. In conclusion, every step along the way is an enjoyable journey!

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