Justice and Closure, The Novel

He was missing something. It was the sense of purpose that he got from police work…
The following day Nick went to the Verde River Police Department and introduced himself to the chief. Everything else fell into place.

Jusrice and Closure

The truth is never enough in Daniel Pastre’s heart-pounding debut novel, Justice and Closure.

Nick Shaw, a retired San Francisco police inspector, attempts to rid himself of his painful past by relocating to a small Arizona town. His pain slowly eases as he returns to work at the local police department, finds some good friends, and begins dating a charming local woman. But any semblance of normalcy is soon destroyed when a mysterious confession note appears that links back to a ten-year-old cold case of a missing teenager. Nick’s determination to solve the case quickly turns into an obsession. When he becomes the target of an assassin, Nick is convinced more than ever that he has discovered the truth. But the truth does not bring justice—instead it leads Nick from the corruption of El Salvador through the dangerous jungle into Honduras, where he risks it all in the hands of an eccentric drug lord.