About the Author

Daniel Pastre was born in 1951 in Southern France. In 1954, he and his family moved to Montreal, Canada for about three years before immigrating to the United States and settling in east Los Angeles, California.

At the age of eighteen, he began learning the ancient martial art of Kung-Fu San Soo. In twelve       grassvalleyayears, he received his master’s degree (8th degree black belt) from Grand Master Jimmy H. Woo. In
1980, Daniel opened a Kung-Fu San Soo school in Nevada City, California. During the same time, he
worked in the commercial banking industry as a professional body guard. Years later, he worked for
Roger Hodgson of the rock group, Super Tramp, as a body guard and personal trainer. He also provided personal training for Trevor Rabin and Allen White of the rock group, Yes.

His law enforcement career began as a patrol officer with the Grass Valley Police Department.
cottonwoodaWanting to expand his horizons, he applied to police departments in Oregon and Arizona. He accepted a position in Arizona with the Cottonwood Police Department. In time, he was promoted to Detective and sent to various schools including Homicide Investigations, Child Sexual Exploitation Investigations, Deception Analysis, Crime Scene Integrity, Forensics, and DNA collection. He furthered his education in Administration of Justice at Northern Arizona University and The University of New Mexico. At the Arizona P.O.S.T. Academy (Police Officers Standards of Training), he taught Domestic Violence and Defensive Tactics. He was a member of The International Association for Identification, The Arizona Narcotic Officers Association, and The Arizona Sex Crime Investigators Association. Dan served as an expert witness for the Arizona Courts in the fields of Forensic Interviewing of Children, Homicide, and Crime Scene Integrity.

In 1998, Daniel returned to California to help with his parents’ family business. He continued work in cottonwood2alaw enforcement with the Porterville Police Department as a patrol and bicycle police officer, and defensive tactics instructor. He was the co-founder and director of the local chapter of P.A.L (Police
Activities League), a recreational and vocational program for children. For his devotion and dedication to P.A.L., Senator Barbara Boxer awarded Daniel an American Flag that flew above the White House. In 2002, he was recognized for his contribution to education by The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International.

portorvilleaThroughout his career, his interviews have appeared in the Grass Valley Union, International Kung-Fu Magazine, Verde Independent, Rocky Mountain Information Network, and Porterville Recorder.
Daniel retired from law enforcement in 2003 and moved back to Nevada City with his wife and son. Currently, he works as a private investigator, Kung-Fu instructor, and enjoys writing police fiction novels. He and his wife have enjoyed a life time of fitness. Their hobbies include hiking, bicycling, kayaking, camping, and motorcycling.