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A technical question regarding Daniel Pastre’s novel, Justice & Closure

Recently, a reader brought to my attention an error in the name of the rifle that was used to shoot Detective Nick Shaw. The reader went on to explain that the M1 Garand was not a WWII sniper rifle because it was a bolt action rifle making it impossible to mount a scope.

The reader was correct in the fact that I had misspelled “Garand”. It was a typo in that I had spelled it “Grand”, leaving out an “a”. Regarding it not being a sniper rifle, my research showed that it was, in fact, a WWII sniper rifle and responsible for numerous kills in the Philippine theater. Most important, it was not a bolt action rifle. The M1 Garand was an auto loader, with a top mounted bolt to load the clip. because of this configuration, the scope was mounted to the left side of the breech allowing for unobstructed shell ejection. The M1 Garand is still used today in law enforcement as a sniper rifle because of the accuracy of the .30-06 cartridge. As always before putting words to paper, I conduct intensive research.

Justice & Closure underwent five rounds of professional editing, however mistakes can still be found. With the revised edition, I will make corrections and also add an author’s page acknowledging certain people for their contributions. In all sincerity, feedback is always welcomed.