Justice & Closure took four years to create.

It is filled with adventure, suspense, mystery, romance,

and humor. The beginning of the book reflects my adjustment from California law enforcement to that in Arizona. Although the novel is fiction, there is a direct correlation with reality. The development of characters could not have materialized without firsthand experience. Nick Shaw, the lead character, symbolizes a detective holding himself to a high standard of moral conduct.

The police terminology and crime scene technology is real. As a detective, I was trained to work all phases of an investigation; photography, evidence collection, interviewing, preparing affidavits for search and arrest warrants, and testifying in court. Finding justice for the victims was my greatest motivation.
Part of the book takes place in El Salvador. Therefore, I conducted intensive research on the people, culture, geography, politics, and history in order to make the book as factual as possible.

Currently, I’m working on a second novel titled California Green Rush which takes place on the Central California coast and in Northern California. Its progress will be updated periodically.

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